Zelda eats!


Given Zelda’s (and our own) enthusiasum for food, we thought we’d start a little feature here on Fridays or Saturdays that show what she had to eat this week.

This week’s menu included:

Monday was detailed here.


Tuesday – duck stir fry with Chinese egg noodles and avacado


Watch on Posterous

Zelda showing off her chewing and chopsticks skills in the video.

Wednesday – curried dal, yogurt, zucchini and prunes


Thursday – sweet potato fries, zucchini with basil, peas, yogurt and prunes.  Unfortunately the meatloaf mama and papa made for dinner wasn’t done in time for Zelda to try it.  She may get a taste of it for lunch today.

Friday – the plan is to cook up some Alaskan cod and give Zelda her first taste of fish.

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