Zelda eats!

As previously mentioned this week was busy and Zelda’s menu reflects that a bit.  We went with her favorite foods and threw in a prepackaged food pouch or two that are usually reserved for when we’re travelling.  


Sunday: Meatloaf, avacado, basil zuchini and blueberry ice cream


Monday: Alaskan Cod, guacamole and greek yogurt with blueberry juice


Tuesday: Sweet potato carrot apple cinnamon mix, greek yogurt with blueberry juice and guacamole

Wednesday we had a family date night and ate out.  Zelda had some wonderful curried chicken soup.


Thursday: Roasted sweet potato, roasted acorn squash and greek yogurt with blueberry juice. She didn’t get to the spinach apples and rutabaga mix, but she did enjoy having some water with dinner:

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Thursday night Zelda was supplementing her dinner with a tasty side dish of fingers:

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Friday: Pork ¡posole!, roasted sweet potato and greek yogurt with water.

Zelda is very excited about getting to have water, so these days no matter how good mama and papa’s cooking may be it doesn’t compare to getting a drink of water.

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