it’s not all smiles and giggles


(a picture from a while back when we were  just hanging out and she hit the wall pretty quick with no warning)

We keep our blog generally upbeat, but as you might of guessed, there are times Zelda is not the adorable smiling baby we usually feature here.  Lately Zelda has been fighting sleep hard.  She wants to see and do everything now regardless if she can barely keep her eyes open.  That usually results in what you see above, an upset baby that just the moment before was happy as a clam laughing at papa’s latest antics.  

When both of us are home its a little easier to handle, but on my own I find her sudden descent to a point where she’s inconsolable challenging.  I certainly try to get her down for a nap as soon as I see the signs of sleepiness – a yawn, pulling at her hair, those sleepy eyes – but she resists. She’s also resisitng those things that used to soothe, the sleep sheep and the sound of its crashing waves, rocking in mama’s arms and her pacifier. She knows this means its time to sleep, something she needs, but certainly does not want. Considering how peaceful she is when she’s sleeping, its hard to see her so upset.  


Since this is my biggest parenting challenge, I do count myself as lucky, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating as well.

PS – Mr. Monkey pictured above is no longer with us.  He was the first casualty to the dogs.  The stuffed carrot toy also got it.  Luckily Zelda’s not too attached to any one toy and we rotate them frequently just in case there’s another dog strike.

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