a few random photos

Things seem quite busy here these past few days.  Zach and I both need to have our heads down working, even from home, but as anyone who has kids knows, working from home with an active baby often means not getting as much done as you’d like.  What will like have to be sacrificed is some time on the blog (we won’t even think about the current state of the house).  So, posting may be a bit sparse this week.  In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some family photos we didn’t post before from Iowa.  Both a set of Zelda with her cousin Holland, and some taken with Zach’s parents and brother and his girlfriend, as well as various photos from our trip back to Iowa last December, which never got posted here.  Also, thrown in for good measure are a couple of videos Zach took of Zelda and Honey at the end of February.  If that’s still not enough to tide you over or recent enough, check out my flickr site as I recently offloaded a bunch of photos from my iPhone (a link is there on the right side of the main page).

Be back really soon!

Zelda and Honey:

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