a new way to play


Zelda is taking in new experiences as fast as we can expose them to her.  Whether its sitting up or solid foods, she is changing so quickly.  I am grateful that Zach and I are able to both be with her during the day so at least one of us is witnessing all the new things she’s doing.  I swear I think I can see her brain changing each second.  


Lately she seemed bored with her chair that we usually put her in to play.  She wants to sit up and interact more with her toys so we pulled out the stand up toy center our friends gave to us before Zelda was even here.  She LOVES this thing.  Right now her favorite toy is the ball she can bat about and make spin, but she does check out the other toys and will engage with them when we swivel her around in the seat.    


Also I think she likes to be able to bounce on her feet and kick them while she’s playing.  After a few minutes standing to play the other night she unfurled her toes and seemed to enjoy scrunching them back and forth on the rug in her room. 


PS – Bear with me as I’m trying to take better pictures with Zach’s camera instead of just relying on the iPhone for the blog.  I’m still learning how to use it.  Its so fancy.  Of course, I take hundres of pictures of Zelda on my phone and its always with me so there will still be some of those photos.  Plus I can blog directly from my phone, which comes in handy especially when we’re travelling. 

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