5 months old


Dear Zelda,

You are now five months old.  And wow, it seems cliched, but it was like only yesterday we were waiting for your arrival.  Time is flying by and these past couple of months you have really come into your own.  With each new discovery, your papa and I are more in love and can’t imagine life without you.


Everyone comments on how alert you are and how busy you are.  Most notably, you started eating solid foods and you LOVE them.  Your papa and I smile as we watch you eat and the enthusiam you have for food.  We are thrilled as food is a very important part of our lives too.


You’ve tried lots of fruits and veggies and seem to like them all.  You can handle soft chunky food without problems.  Last night I gave you your first dairy, some greek yogurt, and you couldn’t get enough.  


Although a little early, we let you try a little orange the other night.  You really like it, but at this point it was only a taste. Tonight we’ll be trying a little bit of steak with some sweet potatoes.  It should be a tasty dinner, one I’m sure you’ll love.


In addition to food, you love to have fun!  You are so interactive with your toys and everyone around you.  You love to smile, squeal at the top of your lungs and jabber at us with such earnest, telling us all kinds of stories that make you laugh.    

You kick your legs so fast that we’re sure you’ll be fast once you start toddling around.  The puppies won’t know what to do once you’re mobile.  You love it when papa throws you into the air or hangs you upside down.  You know how to get all your toys to your mouth to really explore them.  You’ve started sitting up and using a walker toy which lets you stand and play.  You’ve even managed to “walk” some, mostly backwards. Yesterday it seems you discovered your feet. It’s fun watching you decide how to get to them and decide whether or not you can get them in your mouth.  It’s endless entertainment for both you and mama.  No matter what new experience we give you, you seem to like them all. This is a really fun time not only for you, but for papa and I as well.


You’re also getting so big that you can go into stores and look around from the driver’s seat – aka cart seat.  You really enjoy that.  You also like to be outward facing in your carrier so you don’t miss a thing when we’re on a walk or skiing.


We were able to change your earrings this week as well.  You can now wear the pretty earrings that your EBGma got you for Christmas.  They look beautiful, just like you.


Whew, there’s been so much change and there’s so much more to come.  The next couple of months will be filled with lots of discovery and travel (Portland, Dallas & Denver).  You’ll get to go on your first bike ride next week, complete with a new helmet.  You’ve always been such a good traveller that papa and I are trying to take you everywhere we can.  

We are looking forward to the months and the adventures ahead with you, little z.  


Love always,

mama and papa

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