sew much fun


That’s what I’ve been having the past couple of weeks, making little odds and ends for Zelda.  I’m obsessed with making baby shoes.  They are so easy and quick and look so darn cute.  Plus they help hold her socks on when her legs are kickin’ up a storm, which is often these days.


The new bibs are made of oil cloth for easy washing after Zelda’s had some solid food.  I just love oil cloth, especially these bright patterns.  I’ve put pockets on the front of some of the bibs to catch bits and pieces of food when she graduates to eating non-pureed solids.


I also used oil cloth to make Zelda a larger dirty diaper dry sack, instead of having two small ones constantly full.  Again, I love the pattern on this oil cloth.  Since its in her changing area, she gets to look at it while her diaper gets changed and she seems to really like the pattern.


I took about five minutes today to make Zelda this headband.  For the most part I’ve decided not to make hair bows, but the headband was super easy and just took a scrap of fabric and a touch of elastic.  I like how its wider than her other headbands which seem to get lost in her hair.


I’ve also made her a new car seat blanket as the other one was getting a lot of action and I’m afraid it will fall apart from so many washings.  I love this blue and green color combination.


I made her this little shirt awhile ago, but needed Zach to lend me a hand with getting the snap on it.  It’s hard to see under the bib, but the green print material is flannel and the yoke is made of some men’s brown striped suiting I had in my stash.  The suiting is super soft and stretchy, which makes it perfect to be around her little chin and also helps in getting the shirt over her head. Unfortuantely, I think since it took me so long to finish it may only get worn once or twice by her before its passed on to another little one.


And finally, Zach and I have been working on a quilt for Zelda.  Below is a picture of one of the log cabin blocks.  I’m finishing up the handtying and we hope to bind it this weekend.  I’m very excited about how this quilt is turning out as its only my second attempt at making a quilt and the first left a lot of room for improvement.  I think Zach doing the cutting helped immensely as he’s much more precise than I am.  Once it’s bound, we’ll post a picture.


As always, there are more sewing projects on the horizon, but I’m trying not to start anything new until after we finish the quilt.

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