We’ve always been a food centric family, but with Zelda starting solid foods, its perhaps magnified a little as we decide which foods to have her try.  I really enjoying making baby food and its super easy and quick.  Zelda likes to watch and seems really interested when we cook. Her foods to date have been avacado, sweet potato and roasted squash.  She seems to like everything so far.  This weekend we’ll give pears and apples a try.  I love the action shots Zach has been able to get of Zelda eating.


These are some random food related photos I snapped over the last couple of nights as I practice using Zach’s camera.  I’d like to take more pictures with something other than just my iPhone. 


What’s on your menu for this evening?  We have a wonderful eggplant rollatini planned to take over to some friends’ house and as a bonus we get to meet their brand new daughter.  I can’t wait!


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