Changes to the blog


Zach and I spent a little time making some tweaks to the blog and we have more planned.  Most significantly is that there are links to our flickr sites on the right hand side of the page.  We’re also working on a banner that will rotate through various pictures, but that means some time spent photo editing and so far we only have the one of Frodo done, so it will be there until we get the rest done.


I head back to work tomorrow part time, so maybe, just maybe, Zach will be posting more regularly on the blog now that he’ll be home with Zelda about 2 days per week.  Wouldn’t you all love a blog post about his first trip to baby yoga with Zelda on Wednesday?  I know I would!  Nothing like a little cyber-peer pressure to perhaps make that a reality. 😉


And since no post is complete without pictures of Zelda, here are three from the archives, which really have nothing to do with the post.


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