A day in the life


As my family leave draws to an end with only a week left to go, I decided I’d keep track of what Zelda and I did today. The good news is that Zach and I’ve decided I will only go back to work part-time. So, today is probably a good indication of what our life will be like while I am trying to work part-time and care for Zelda. I get to start out gently though with Zach staying home about 2 days per week working from home so that I can work at the office part-time without Zelda for a couple of months. Of course, once his leave is over, we’ll have to go to the office more, but those days aren’t that different than today, just a different location.

My morning started at 8am with the coffee Zach left for me on the dresser (the most awesome wedding vow ever!) and work and personal emails. I also managed to get some travel plans finalized for a trip we’ll be taking in March. I was able to work until a little after 9 when both the dogs and Zelda demanded their breakfasts.


After Zelda was fed, changed and in clothes for the day, we played. Zelda spent a lot of time today exploring some of her toys mainly with her mouth and working on her coordination, grabbing the toys and getting them to her mouth herself.


Afterwards, I snuck in some tummy time for Zelda while she was facinated by the good looking baby in the mirror. She’s not always so happy about tummy time, but if she’s distracted she doesn’t seem to mind as much.


After all that playing Zelda was ready for another bottle. Lucky for mama, after her second bottle of the day, Zelda is ready for a nap. 


That means brunch for me about 11:30 and finishing up whatever work tasks I still have pending from the morning. I’m finding brunch isn’t just for the weekend anymore and neither is bacon.


I also manage to get some clothes other than pajama pants on.  On snowy days like today, I shovel the drive. Armed with the appropriate gear, including a baby monitor, I headed outside.


Just as I finished and made it back inside about 40 miutes later, Zelda was back up and ready for more play. She sat in her bouncy chair while I told her stories and stuffed diapers.


Next it was time for a book and more toys and tummy time and finally her third bottle of the day.


Then time for another nap for Zelda. This one was short, less than an hour, enough time for me to do a load of laundry and finish up work for the day.


When Zelda got up from her nap, we look at options for dinner and then learned that papa would be home early and able to go to the store on his way home. That meant dinner was decided and it was time to play some more.

When Zach came home he took over primary care of Zelda (and my picture taking tapered off severely), while I got to make sweet potato brown butter roles and granola. 


Zelda’s eyes grew heavy and she snoozed again for a while. Just enough time for us to make dinner.

Up from her nap in time to join us while we ate and to have a bottle herself. After dinner her evening was full of play with her papa, sitting in her bumbo, exploring more toys and some more tummy time while I shoveled out a path to the chicken coop to check on the ladies. Then it was time for pjs and off to bed about 8:30pm for Zelda.

Zach and I will wrap up the evening blogging, doing dishes and maybe having a nightcap before seeing how long each of us can stare at our books (our excuse for reading these days) before nodding off for the evening.

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