Potica is a Slovenian holiday bread and is an annual tradition in the Zaletel family.  It is a sweet yeast bread that is stretched as thin as you dare stretch it, covered with a mixture of walnuts, honey, sugar, sweetened condensed milk and spices, and then rolled into a log, roughly the size of your arm.  After it rests and doubles in size, it is baked for about 45 minutes.  You end up with a tasty horseshoe of sweet treats that always disappears too quickly.  

I mixed things up with the recipe a little bit this year, and allowed the dough to proof in the refrigerator overnight before stretching it out.  The results are promising, though if I manage to plan my time better next year, I’ll probably stick with the regular recipe.

After the dough is mixed, it proofs until doubled.


The filling is prepared.

The dough is stretched thin and covered with the filling.  After the filling is spread all around, the dough is rolled up into a log and placed in a horseshoe shape on the pan.

After the potica is baked, cut into thin slices and enjoy!


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