Making gingerbread houses, er house


Zelda and I had Auntie Karen over yesterday to make gingerbread houses. The night before I baked the house pieces wanting them to taste good as we plan to dismantle them on Sunday for dessert when Karen and her family are over for Christmas dinner.


As you can see Zelda was in her festive head attire looking cute and ready to decorate.


My house, unfortunately, didn’t make it. After some initial excitement that the peices were all together, it collapsed. As Karen commented, it looked like the cabin just south of Girdwood that nature is slowly reclaiming.


Karen’s gingerbread house fared better. And as of this morning, it was still standing!! Each of us, including Zach who returned from some final shopping, added some decorations to the lone standing house. I focused on the yard since I’m leary of the structural integrity.


The house will be a great centerpiece for dinner. I think next year I may buy the pre-assembled houses to ensure that they’ll stand and stick to eating my gingerbread through cookies, which we made too with the leftover dough. Either way this was a great way to kick off a new Christmas tradition for our family.

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