A soon to be recurring post title, and also Reflection day?


I’m told that I’m somewhat in arrears in posting here regularly, so I’ll be working to pick up the slack and become a better poster.  To that end, I’ll be putting together some shots from the past week that I’ve not uploaded elsewhere (another regular upload for which I’m also somewhat in arrears) for your viewing enjoyment.  Hopefully it’ll be more than Zelda and the pups, but thus far there are no hard and fast rules, so a few shots of each have snuck into this batch.  I think you’ll enjoy the shot of Meg and Zelda in the living room – I do.

As an aside, – yesterday was an interesting day as far as the calendar goes.  It was +57 days since Zelda arrived on the scene.  Why is that day unique, you ask? Because it was T-57 days prior to her arrival that we received word that she would be, er, arriving.  Not much else to say about it, other than that it’s interesting, and Zelda’s still brining smiles to the faces of all around her, and also showing more and more smiles of her own, as well.

Next week – a menu for the Thanksgiving meal – Turkey or Ham-Candy?

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