A note to Zelda from mama & papa


Dear Zelda,

We thought we’d write you a note here in case you ever read this blog we keep as a way to stay in touch with friends and family.  Yes, there were things we posted here before you came, but now, it’s really become all about you, which is reflective of our life at this moment.  It’s pretty much all about you baby girl and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today is the day after you turned two months old, eight weeks and six days to be exact.  Your papa likes to keep track exactly.  Neither of us can believe how quickly the time has passed, but at the same time its hard to remember what life without you was like. 


In the two short months you’ve been around, you’ve changed so much.  You are now smiling, holding your head steady (most of the time), cooing, laughing and interacting with us.  You’re so interested in the world around you, especially your papa.  You can stare at him forever it seems.  These days you really try not to fall asleep so you won’t miss anything.


Yesterday you had your two month check up.  You weigh 10lbs. 14.7oz. and you are 22.75in.  You are a long lean baby. You also got your first shots.  You were so good, just a quick yelp when you were stuck, but as soon as we held you, you stopped crying.  You were back home playing that evening, band aids and all.


You are also a very busy baby. You hardly lay still anymore and when we hold you, you are still busy, holding your head up so that you can see what is around you.


You try to push yourself around when we do tummy time, but you haven’t figured out how to get your legs to move in time with your arms.  Don’t rush, that will come soon enough.  You also love to do your baby dance and laugh and coo at your light up music toy.  


You also love to go skiing.  You and mama go out almost everyday.  Its the only time you don’t get mad when we put a hat on you.  You fall right asleep while we’re skiing.  When we get back home, its cute to see you dozing and looking cozy in your snowsuit, hat and blanket.


We are heading into the holidays now with Thanksgiving next week, then our family’s annual holiday party and then off to Iowa to visit with family there.  After that it’s home for your first Christmas.  We are so excited to share this time with you and create family traditions.

Zelda, we love you very much and look forward to what the future holds as you continue to grow and amaze us.

With all our love,

mama and papa 

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