Trick or Treat Street


We went downtown yesterday for Trick or Treat Street.  Zelda slept through the entire thing, which is her stamp of approval of any almost any activity.  


A quick note about Zelda’s costume.  In case you can’t tell, she was a strawberry.  Since its always cold and likely snowy for Halloween, the costume for the really little ones either has to be a sleeper pj suit of some sort or its mainly got to be in the hat since the kids have to stay warm.  Since she was going to be in her carrier, we decided to go the hat route, but did have other strawberry embellishments for when she wasn’t in the carrier, like a red onesie and tights and berry buttons on her sweater. 

Even though she was sleeping, we still got her a balloon & Zach made sure to decorate and eat a cookie or two for her.  We saw lots of friends, including a mummy, and a doctor who we later treated to a root beer since it wasn’t as if he hadn’t had enough sugar. 


Tonight we will be headed over to some friends for dinner and trick or treating with their adorable daughters.