One month later…

It’s hard to believe that’s been four weeks since Zelda made her appearance.  In that short time we’ve been busy getting to know one another in Dallas and then introducing Zelda to so much in Alaska – the dogs, our friends and the chilly weather.


Zelda also met her new doctor at her check up.  She is growing fast, having gained 1.5 pounds and grown as many more inches.  She is so alert and likes looking at her toys above her crib and practing sitting up.  It’s amazing how much head control she has at only a month.

It has been a bit exhausting for all at times, but schedules are starting to fall into place and everyone, including the dogs are getting adjusted. 


We are looking forward to the holidays starting with Halloween.  We bought a pumpkin to carve this weekend and I am working on making Zelda’s costume, which up here is mainly a hat since the kids are so bundled up.  She will be the cutest strawberry; I can’t wait.  We also hope to reprise the annual pumpkin beer tasting tour, maybe this weekend.  Of course, there will be no beer for the baby, but she’ll enjoy the attention, the car ride and hanging out in her sling.  It should be a win-win for all involved.


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