Will drive for pie


Ok, so this isn’t pie.  This is a picture of the hail storm we encountered nearing the end of our 100 mile detour to what was billed as some of the best pie around in Marble Falls.  Maybe the hail is why they call it Marble Falls (Sorry, really bad pun).  Zelda was not disturbed by the storm or hail, which was good as this was her inagural foodie road trip, which Zach and I are fond of.

When we arrived at the Blue Bonnet Cafe, we were disappointed that we had just missed pie happy hour, but were confident that the pie must be good.


After devouring monsterous size dinners (me the chicken and dumplings with fried okra and Zach the chicken fried steak with fried okra), we ordered pie.


I had the lemon cream, basically lemon merigune with whipped cream in lieu of merigune.


Zach had the coconut cream, but with its merigune top it should have been called coconut merigune.

The food was great, Zelda was a very happy baby taking in all the attention from the friendly wait staff and customers. If you’re ever in the need of pie, we’d recommend the Blue Bonnet Cafe.

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