Day trip


We headed out from Dallas yesterday afternoon, in search of what the Dallas Morning News calls some of the best day trips on a tank of gas.  We first headed south to Corsicana, home of the Collins Street Bakery.  Would their famous fruit cake hold up to the dizzyingly high standard set by Sharon in Montréal?  Their fruitcake was quite tasty – we sampled the Texas Blonde, Apple Cinnamon and Apricot pecan (fruit) cakes, but lets just say that the bakery should head up to Quebec for a few pointers.  We also tried the pralines and cherry icebox cookies – both very good.  We were probably the first people to have them fire up their espresso machine in the afternoon in lieu of tea, but hey, we’re used to being up a bit further north.

From Corsicana, we headed west along Texas 22.  The highway skirts the top end of Texas hill country as claimed by some towns along it (though the linked-to website would apparently disagree).  We observed the end result of the recent fires in these parts, with trees still smoldering and local fire departments and texas forest service personnel stamping out hotspots.  We passed through the home of the National Championship Barbeque Cookoff in Meridian, on our way to Hico and the Wiseman House Chocolates Company.


We were initially dismayed as we pulled into main street (actually named Pecan St) to find that the Wiseman shop closed at 4:00pm.  The local time:  4:06pm.  Haven’t they heard of the 5pm chocolate rush? 

We wandered up and down the main drag, and then sadly started to make our way out of town.  Meg, being eagle eyed when it comes to strawberry pie, noticed a sign for the Koffee Kup restaurant on our way out of town, so we pulled over to sample their fare.  As we exited our rental, a white Mazda 5, what should we see across the street, but the original Wiseman House Chocolates! 


Better yet, they were open until 6pm!  Of course, we changed course and checked out the chocolate shop.  End result:  very tasty dark chocolate pecan caramel clusters and a couple of little chocolate truffles.  If you’re in the area, go for the clusters!

With chocoloate in hand, we set out to return to the DFW metroplex.  If you’re wondering about the strawberry pie, we figured best to save something for our next trip to Hico.

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