Happy Holidays!


Zach and I have just returned from a week back in Iowa where we saw family and friends.  It was a nice trip, if not busy.  It was wonderful to see everyone and get caught up.  It was also nice to return to a stack of Christmas cards and see what everyone’s been up to this year, especially those we didn’t get to see during our trip.

We arrived home to a snowy Anchorage and a blizzard warning for today.  It seems to me that the best thing to do is to try Chris’s favorite winter sport – cozying up by a fire with a glass of wine. While we don’t have a fireplace, we’ll substitute in the Christmas tree and light some candles.  Also, we plan to bake some bread which will give our home that lived in smell again that seemed to be missing after a week of not having us or the dogs here.  

We wish everyone a happy new year filled with family, good health and happiness. 

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