The march of progress in the kitchen…


As was pounded into my head as a youngster, what would Labor Day weekend be without copious amounts of manual labor? (thanks Mom and Dad!) 

Meg and I worked to continue our efforts to eradicate drop ceilings in our living space.  We removed the remaining drop ceiling tiles, lighting and structure without too many gouging mishaps, only to find ourselves without sufficient light in the kitchen to do much.  The land of midnight sun has once again become the land of day and night, as we lose roughly five minutes of daylight each and every day as we approach the equinox.  Yes, we’d become dependent upon the 2×4′ fluorescent box light.  Since we tend to spend a bit of time in the kitchen, a new light was in order.  


Celebrating as the last piece of the drop ceiling comes down.

While initially thinking of a simple stop-gap to keep the light a-flowing, we found a nice ‘factory light’ at the Despot and decided to give it a try.  While I could feel the old electrical wires in the ceiling, the install of the fluorescent (along with a kitchen remodel somewhere in the past, I’d guess) routed a separate electrical wire to a hole much too close to the range hood to provide decent light for the kitchen.  After a while in the dusty, insulaty, ploofy mess that is our attic, I managed to find both holes and the requisite wires to get the job done.  After the intsall of a new junction box to move the juice back over to the original, central lighting hole.  With a bit of stop-gap ingenuity to encourage the new ceiling lighting box to stay in place, I’d say the new ceiling fixture should work well, though we may need to locate a mirrored bulb.

Meanwhile, a few feet below the attic, Meg continued her work patching drop-ceiling mounting holes and painting to further banish the drop ceiling scars.  The (much) before and after photos show the progress.  One of these days, I tell you, we’ll be done with the kitchen!

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