Fall Colors & the First Annual Zaletel Honey Harvest


Fall is here.  The leaves are changing colors and dropping to the ground.  We’re actually lucking out this fall, it’s not been rainy so we’ve been able to enjoy the crisp temps and fall colors more than the typical two weeks.  Yes, the weather has been like this for about four weeks now.  That’s made for some beautiful sunsets along Turnagain Arm.  I love when the mountains glow purple.  It almost makes the loss of daylight worth it (that’s obviously the season talking, in a few months I’ll be wishing for the long days again).  

In preparation for winter, we harvested our honey.  Zach was the brave soul who handled the frames full of bees.  He’s done an exceptional job and looks great in his homemade beekeepers get up.  I think we got an average amount for a new first year hive with novice beekeepers.  In total we got 52 ounces of honey from the three frames we harvested.  Not as many frames were filled with honey as we thought there’d be, so we left most of what was there for the bees to eat over the winter.   You’ll notice the distinct difference in the colors of honey.  The last batch was a light golden color and the comb it came from was white.  The first batch is much more amber and the comb was brown.  I think the color has to do with the amount of bee pollen in the honey, but I could be wrong.

We’ve also been getting the chickens ready for winter, insulating the chicken coop.  It was a chilly 39 degrees in there this morning.

In other news, my sister recently had a baby.  She was born on September 14th and mom and baby are doing well with the exception of some pneumonia that’s keeping Holland in the hospital to early next week, but that’s more precautionary than anything.  I know everyone’s anxious to get home soon.  Maybe after they get home I’ll have a picture to share.

Pretty soon we head to Munich, Germany for the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest.  In the meantime, we’re headed out for a hike today with the pups to take in more of this gorgeous weather.  The pictures below are from a walk around our old stomping grounds earlier this week, University Lake dog park.  The dogs loved going back there.

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