Northern Schoofs Reunion

Zach and I spent last weekend in Juneau visiting with Tony and his family.  The visit was awesome.  We had a great time, enjoying beautiful weather, gold panning, hiking, visiting the Alaskan Brewing Company and trying to beat the Pandemic (unfortunately we didn’t beat it this time).  

We even expanded the Schoofs presence in Alaska a little further with a call to Zach’s parents and learned they made the exact same thing for dinner that we made.  Apparently that day the Schoof’s stars were aligned.


We took Connor on a hike on Sunday where we ran into a small black bear cub.  Connor was a pro and kept his calm.  We were able to move on past without incident.  Sorry no picture, but we decided to just keep moving and not stop for pictures.  We look forward to having family close and to having them to Anchorage some time soon.

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