When the cows to come home

Yep, that’s when Zach will again post on our joint blog, even after many requests from our loyal readers (hi, parents) for him to do so.  

Since that’s the case, here’s the quick run down:

1. We’ve been remodeling the kitchen and landscaping the yard.  As you can see, the cabinets are now white and the walls are now blue.  We decided after much hemming and hawing that we’d just update what we had and put further remodeling aspirations on hold for a while.  But we do need to do something about the gaping hole in the ceiling at some point.  The landscaping added some trees and bushes to the front yard.

2. The dogs, bees and chickens are all well.  Honey turns 8 on Saturday.  Who knew such *special* dog would live so long.  In all fairness, she’s getting better with age, which you can start to see around her eyes and ears.

3. This coming Sunday Zach and I will celebrate our first anniversary.  It’s hard to believe it was already a year ago that everyone was up here.  Zach just mentioned earlier this week that it was about a year ago the first of the out of towners started to arrive.  We’ll be spending our anniversary camping and hiking in and around McCarthy and Kennecott Mine.  After that it’s a quick jaunt back to the midwest to see some family.

And of course, we’re busy hiking and enjoying the Alaska summer, weather permitting since it’s been rainy the past week or so.

That’s it for now.  I’ll pester Zach again to do a post following our upcoming travels.  


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