Our city farm

Zach and I have been busy keeping bees, chickens and garden starts.  Zach cleaned out the greenhouse yesterday (it was housing an extra motorcycle) and the salsa garden – purple and green tomatillos, hot wax peppers and jalapenos – was moved in along with some large pots containing different newly planted seeds that will hopefully germinate with the added heat.  Today we need to get some of our garden starts into new homes, either in the ground or a raised bed of some sort as they are quickly exceeding the space of their start up containers.

In other news we are hosting an art open house for one of our friends this weekend.  Basically, we’ve hung her art around our house and people can meander through, take a look and purchase something then or later on her online store.  We like the idea of considering whether to buy art when its out of the gallery and in an environment more like that you’d like put it in if you purchased it.

As for me, I just got back from Dillingham on Friday evening and I’m headed to Unalaska tomorrow morning for the week.  I’m looking forward to visiting a new location, but sad to be leaving home again so soon.  I’m really looking forward to a whole week home after this trip.  



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