Zach and I have been busy with work and house projects.  Here’s a quick update:

All of the easy to get to wallpaper is down in the kitchen and the walls have been painted.  Now we’re working on getting rid of the hideous yellow trim.

The garden continues to grow and we were able to finally get some of the starts outside the last two days to start to harden them off.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating again today.

We were also able to relocate the chickens back outside.  Yeah, we get our garage back! 




The dogs are doing well.  We had a doggie pillow fight the other night.  Zach had been away for work (you can tell he went to the North Slope since he’s clean shaven) and they were very excited to see him so we needed a way to burn off their energy.  Really, it ended up being a pillow stuffing fight.  Zach also took Darby for a quick spin around the room.  Who says our Friday nights aren’t exciting.

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Yesterday we worked in the yard and basked in the sun light.  In the evening we grilled salmon and made s’mores with the fire bowl.  

Today we start running.  We’ve agreed to each run a leg of the Klondike Relay in September.  I’m hoping for something flat and under 13 miles.

We also pick up our bee hive today and then get our bees tomorrow.  We’ll let you know how that goes.  I don’t think either of us are allergic to bee stings?!

The days ahead give a us week and half together in town before I head out to Dillingham and Dutch Harbor (Unalaska) for a couple of weeks.  I’ll be happy when the travel subsides so that we can spend more time together.  

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