Weekend Fun

Yesterday was a fun day of different projects topped off with dinner with some friends.  We started by making limoncello and lemon ginger marmalade.  The I tended to the garden starts, yeah, it’s actually growing.  Then baked a quick loaf of bread and a poundcake and finally off to dinner with the goodies.  As you can see Zach got a little silly after a strong margarita.  

Today we make the last push to get things in order for our upcoming honeymoon vacation to Costa Rica.  That means cleaning and laundry for me and a half day of work for Zach.   Oh well, all the work now will pay off when we’re in the sun and won’t have to worry about anything other than having fun (zip line, canyon trek, snorkeling, going to the hot springs), creepy crawlies and sunburn.  I can’t wait!

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