Snow and Ice Cream

We took some time this week to go and look at the Fur Rendezvous snow sculptures and to visit the Dimond Center Native Alaska Crafts Fair.  With the warm weather we've been having we got to see about 1/2 of the sculptures in tact and the others in various stages of melt.  At the Native Crafts Fair we picked up three wood block prints from an Alaska Native artist from Haines, Alaska.  

Fur Rondy, as we locals call it, is the festival that leads up to the kick off of the Iditarod, which started ceremonially started today in downtown Anchorage and will re-start tomorrow further north in Willow.  Our fist winter here we went to the re-start.  It's kind of one of those events that only needs to be attended once.

Instead of going to the ceremonial start, where the rest of Anchorage was, we stayed close to home, walking the dogs to the vet for vaccinations.  All of the dogs put on a little winter weight, but hey, who doesn't, and they are otherwise healthy.  

We also decided to make avacado frozen custard and ginger grapefruit ice cream.  As you can see, Zach really like the avacado frozen custard.  It should make for a good dessert tonight, what's left of it anyway!

Otherwise Zach and I are both very busy with work and the house.  We're also counting down to a tropical getaway in about a week and a half.

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