Thanksgiving Part II, aka Christmas

So a much belated followup to the Thanksgiving Day post, with some of our activities since then. On Friday, following turkey day festivities, we headed out to the craft store and other locales to pick up supplies and a Christmas tree. Before heading out, we talked about making stockings to hang on our firepla, er, radiator that is doubling for a fireplace (it gives off heat, right?). We picked up some felt at the fabric store to make them become a reality. Lets just say that it took us a while to get to the point of actually putting them together. Today, however, I can proudly report that we have succeeded on the stockings! They took a while, but the end results are worthwhile, I think. See below for pictures.

We also picked up a tree on Black Friday, and thus far it is still drinking up the water.
Snowmen were constructed the weekend following Thanksgiving. They’re still hanging in there, but mine is now headless and Meg’s is buried in the fresh snow this week. Meg blogged them on Today I Tried.

Other holiday news – made some tasty potica, breads, had cocktails, had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets (along with some very short days… 10am-3:45pm just goes by quickly), expanded the Volvo fleet, and as always, we’ve both been busy with work, wrapping up end-of-year projects. Hope all is well for you.

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