Just call us “Farmers Meg and Zach”

Update – Both chickens are now laying, so we’re getting an egg a day.  

Today we finally had success.  One of our chickens laid an egg.  You’re probably saying, of course, chickens lay eggs, its no big surprise.  But, this endeavor has been challenging with two chicks falling victim to Honey, the chick that became a rooster and was later attacked and butchered and finally the cold and relocation of the chickens into a portable coop in the heated garage.  

Below are pictures of the lovely ladies.  It was the buff that laid the egg.  (Our chickens are not named as they’ll likely end up on our dinner plate one day)  Also there are some pictures of the egg.  We put it in the egg carton and found it interesting how much smaller it was compared to the organic free range commercial eggs we buy.  I called my friend Karen who is also raising chickens and assured her that “yes, although we were doubtful, eggs really do come from chickens.”

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