First Annual Zaletel Pumpkin Beer Tasting

Zach and I and various guests went on a tour of the pumpkin beers we could find on tap in Anchorage.  First at Cafe Amsterdam, I had the Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter.  I’ve had this one before and although really dark, it’s a beer I like.  Next, we went directly to the source, Midnight Sun Brewery, where I had the Trickster, a Belgian-style pumpkin ale.  Definitely an easy drinker, but I couldn’t really detect any pumpkin flavor in it.  After heading south to downtown, we stopped by Humpy’s to see what they had on tap.  There I had the Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, one I’ve had before as well and not my favorite, but in fairness during the tasting, I thought I’d give it another try.  Unfortunately, my opinion remains the same.  We passed on the Sleeping Lady Brewery’s pumpkin brew thinking we’d be able to procure it from Snow Goose, the bewery’s pub, but alas,when we got there on the last stop of the evening, the keg was empty and there were no plans to tap another keg.  However, all is not lost. Before that disappointment, we did go to the Glacier Brewhouse.  They had a Beam Pumpkin on tap.  I must say, it was my favorite of the night.  Plus how can you not love this description: “Drunken Pumpkin pie in your face” best describes this fall brew.  In the end, however, I am partial to my old standby, the Buffalo Bill Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale.  It’s the one that tastes the most like pumpkin and has become a fall drinking staple in my world.

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