Fall Update

Zach and I have had a whirlwind fall and can't believe its already the end of October.  Here are the highlights.

We received two new chickens in August from my coworker in Fairbanks.  One is a buff orpington and the other is a silver wyandotte.  We also came to the realization that our long term bird, the barred rock, is a rooster.  We've debated on whether the rooster will become dinner and on Saturday Honey almost made that decision for us when Zach let her out with the chickens in the yard.  But, that rooster is a tough old bird and has survived.  Honey managed to do a bit of damage to its leg, but he can still walk and seems to be working hard on recovery.  I've also upgraded the coop for the chickens adding a new better feeder and waterer and some roosting areas.  

Also, as most of you know, Zach's gram, Bunny, turned 90, which necessitated a trip back to Iowa.  For Zach it was a quick 4 day turn around.  For me, I stayed in the lower 48 visiting Denver and the southwest for almost 2 weeks.  Zach then returned to Iowa again since my sister was getting married.  He had the arduous task of being the photographer and I, his lovely assistant.  Together we took over 2700 pictures and now the real fun begins with culling through them for the gems.  

Other than that, fall has fallen, and surprisingly still no snow.  We're continuing to clean up the yard for winter and work on indoor remodeling projects when we have time.  For the most part, our jobs are keeping us very busy and we're trying to get outside as much as possible.  

Until next time…

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