Getting Settled In

Zach and I have settled into married life well.  Really, there’s not that much of a change, except my name now takes a lot longer to sign and I have to explain to everyone how to pronouce Zaletel (rhymes with “what the hell”).  We’ve spent the last month dipnetting, relaxing and just enjoying the sunshine.  The downside being that the sun seems to have disappeared (Sharon, we need you to bring the sun back!!!) and its been rainy and gloomy for the past week or so.  The bathroom remodeling project has been calling, but we’ve been pretty good at ignoring the call.

Oh yes, perhaps the greatest change is that we no longer have Sarah as our govenor. 

For our lower 48 friends and family, we’re planning to be back in Iowa briefly in September and again in October.  Both will be whirlwind kinds of visits, but we hope to see as many people as possible.

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