Rainy Sunday

Final Update – We finished most of the projects for the day. Zach is relieved to be done filleting all of the salmon. Just another two fillets to smoke and one fillet to turn into gravlax tomorrow and then it will be all preserved or frozen for eating later. Finished the night with some of the sorbet and it was very rich and tasty, probably could have passed on the bacon.

Update – The marmalade is made and other blueberries preserved. We ended up going with blueberry lemon since blueberries were on sale at the store. Here’s the basic recipe. Also put the finishing touches on some Dark Chocolate Bacon Crunch Sorbet that I had started last night. Zach has the grill ready and starting to smoke some chicken and salmon.

It’s raining here, which we’re happy to see, since its been quite dry of late. Taking full advantage of staying indoors, we’ve got ambitious plans which include, making raspberry lemon marmalade, preserving blueberries, more salmon filleting, preserving cherries, laundry, cleaning and making meals for the week ahead. Oh yeah, somewhere in there, I need to devote a couple of hours to work. We’ll see how it all goes, but at least some of the tasks are underway and we’ve still got more than half the day to go.


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