Only about a week to go now…

For most everyone heading North, there’s only about a week until you head out.  So as you are trying to decide what to pack, here are some ideas:

1. Camera – the Alaskan landscape lets everyone take pictures like a professional (really, its true).

2. Sturdy shoes – you really can’t enjoy Alaska unless you get off the pavement, at least a little.

3. Layers – the temperature here can fluctate dramatically especially from location to location, even across town.  Lots of light layers are a necessity.  I usually start with a t-shirt, add some long sleeves and have a jacket.

4. Rain jacket – because you just never know.

5. Bug spray – the misquitos appear to be waning, but when they’re out they’re vicious.

6. Sunglasses – you are coming to the land of the (almost) midnight sun.

7. Stocking cap – I don’t know about you, but I always travel with one and last night I had one on while I was gardening – it was in the mid-50s and windy.

8. Sunscreen – while the sun is not intense, its out for a long time.  If you’re planning to hike, fish or be outdoors for a long time and its sunny, yes, its possible to get a tan or burn here.

9. Infinite Jest – see earlier posts.

Things you may want to grab once you’re here:

1. Bear spray – if you’re headed too far off the path or planning to camp, it may not be a bad idea.  You can’t fly with it, but we have an REI where you should be able to pick some up.

2. Road snacks – if you plan to take to the road its a good idea to load up on some snacks and/or lunch.  The further you get out of town the fewer options there are for stoping to grab a quick bite to eat.  The main two grocery stores are Fred Meyers and Carrs Safeway.

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