Infinite Jest – Come on, I know you’re curious

If you haven’t picked it up, you’re missing out.  I’ve made it 25 pages and so far its really good and I had to stop at 25 so as to have more to read the rest of the week and stay on pace – 75 pages a week is the goal. 

I know folks are gearing up for their Alaskan adventures, but don’t overlook that plane ride and that you’ll need something to do for the 3+ hours.  The Infinite Jest will let the hours just roll on by as you head to the Last Frontier. 

BTW – don’t let the description freak you out.  As one wise reader put it on Inifinte Summer:

But what I am qualified to tell you — as a two-time reader and lover of Infinite Jest — is that you don’t need to be an expert in much of anything to read and enjoy this novel. It isn’t just for English majors or people who love fiction or tennis players or recovering drug addicts or those with astronomical IQs. Don’t sweat all the Hamlet stuff; you can worry about those references on the second time through if you actually like it enough to read it a second time. Leave your dictionary at home; let Wallace’s grammatical gymnastics and extensive vocabulary wash right over you; you’ll get the gist and the gist is more than enough. Is the novel postmodern or not? Who f’ing cares…the story stands on its own. You’re likely to miss at least 50% of what’s going on in IJ the first time though and it doesn’t matter.

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