Getting Sentimental, sort of

As Zach and I prepare to host all of you wonderful people and of course, most importantly, get married, I find myself thinking about the larger issues from time to time, like the value of family.  Well, today those thoughts were underscored by an email that Zach forwarded me from his uncle Chris in Montreal.  The pertinent part of the email is as follows:

I think Tender and Juicy are very good names for the chickens.  However, not all chickens are tender and juicy; some are tough and taste bad.  Believe me, I know!   When I was a kid, we ended up with a chicken.  Dad fed it dog food.  It flourished.  It crowed very very very early in the morning to the distress of the neighbors.  Dad killed it – and they served it with two other chickens for Sunday dinner.  It didn’t work.  We knew which one was Dirty Bird (we were inventive little buggers) because it tasted like dog food.  Moral of story – don’t feed pet chickens to your kids especially if you’ve been feeding the chickens dog food.

So there.


Now, who else but family can relay stories like that, stories with sage advice like don’t feed the chickens dog food.  Only time and life experience can garner that kind of wisdom.

So, I leave you with pictures of our happy chickens, which to date, would taste like rolled oats and corn.



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