On three years

September 16, 2014 by zzaletel | 3 Comments

I don’t always record my thoughts here as frequently as I should. With Zelda’s third birthday today, it is an opportune time to reflect. I know that we all grow up, but seeing her grow so big, so quickly over the past three years has been and continues to be an amazingly fun ride. We’ve lots of fun together, dancing around wearing tutus, swimming, playing hide and seek, feeding the chickens, walking the dogs, going to ballet, falling asleep on the way to ice skating, sneaking out for ice cream, running our errands, working on puzzles, reading books, painting, playing catch or kicking the soccer ball, picking berries, just to name a few things we’ve done over the past six months.  I’m excited for all that we’ve yet to do in the coming six months and more.

As I sit here and reflect, it’s probably not the greatest reason to smile uncontrollably, but I am.  While in Arizona in May, EBGMA asked Zelda if I was taking a nap. Without missing a beat, Zelda replied, ‘no, my daddy never sleeps’. Now, this isn’t entirely true – I do get a good nights sleep almost every evening – but it warmed the cockles of my heart that she knew I was always there for her in the night. That or she’s knows a sucker daddy who loves her when she sees one.


This morning, I have the opportunity to go to Zelda’s school and celebrate her birthday with her and her classmates.  I can’t wait!Zelda is 3.jpg

Love you Zelda – Dad/Papa/Zach/Padre/Daddy

z.e.l.d.a. is 3!!!

September 16, 2014 by meg | 1 Comment

IMGP6244.jpgIMGP6235.jpgoh zelda, it’s here, it’s finally here. after months of you telling us your birthday is in september and patiently waiting for september to arrive and then asking every day since the 1st if it is your birthday yet, we are happy to tell you YES today is your birthday.IMGP6295.jpgIMGP6251.jpgIMGP6265.jpgyou are a vivacious little girl and we couldn’t be more thrilled with who you are becoming. you have a joy for life that is unparalleled. you are our favorite princess, sous chef, ballerina, pirate (arrr, lady!), monster, bicyclist, runner and back seat driver!IMGP6011.jpgIMGP6015.jpgIMGP6051.jpgIMGP6013.jpg at three you are one smart cookie. you can spell your name, identify your letters, count and count and count and you are learning spanish. you want to read and try really hard to do so. we are certain that soon you’ll be reading. you love to sing and dance and perform. IMGP6078.jpgIMGP6072.jpg zelda you light up our lives. although you don’t know what cliches are yet, you make all of them about the joy of being parents come true for us. you are our biggest blessing and challenge. you keep us on our toes and help us live each day to the fullest. IMGP6198.jpg all our love to you on your birthday and every day. love, mama and daddy

birthday week has begun

September 15, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP6521.jpgwe’re really going all out this year for zelda’s birthday. yesterday we partied with our anchorage friends and ate lots of ice cream. on wednesday we leave to go to iowa to kick off two weeks of fun with friends and family there, including a royal princess tea party on saturday to celebrate zelda and her cousin’s birthdays. we may be setting the bar a little too high for future celebrations, but zelda’s excitement and enthusiasm are infectious and we’ve all caught the birthday spirit.IMGP6543.jpgIMGP6539.jpgIMGP6542.jpgIMGP6530.jpgIMGP6554.jpgimage-17.jpegUntitledthings may be quiet around here after tomorrow, but we’ll be back in early october with a full recap of our midwest adventures.

back in her school groove

September 12, 2014 by meg | 0 comments


hanging this morning with her “girl friends” – two frozen princesses and two of the girl character cards from one of her board games.

after a really rough first week at her new school and a few rocky days to start this week, zelda has warmed up to her new school and goes without complaint. i’m glad she’s liking it now. it was horrible watching her go through so much turmoil. but all is well. this morning she greeted her teachers with buenos dias and was saying hola to the school as we pulled in. i’m glad she settled in before we head out of town for two weeks. hopefully that will make her transition back to school after vacation easier. image-18.jpegimage-19.jpeg


September 9, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

Untitled we went and it was awesome. the pictures really speak for themselves. couldn’t have asked for a better outing all around. more pictures are here (just scroll to the bottom of the page to see the new ones of our canoeing adventure). UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled
oh, and a video of zelda rowing the boat with her driftwood oar and singing. sorry for the vertical video, but it was the best i could do without rocking the boat.