convalescence and random pics

October 20, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP7548.jpgIMGP7560.jpgIMGP7559.jpgIMGP7492.jpgIMGP7487.jpgIMGP7508.jpgz and i are home today drinking tea, eating popcorn, sucking cough droops and bundled up. we’ve had coughs and crud since we left iowa. i figured since nothing else has worked so far that a day at home of convalescence might do the trick. z’s cough seems to be subsiding. today’s a good day for hunkering down as we got our first snow overnight and it’s still falling. IMGP7628.jpgIMGP7627.jpg
the pictures are details of gma kitty and pop’s gardens that zach took once he picked up a new macro lens on vacation and a moose that visited us last week. the moose elicited a lot of excitement until it decided to nibble on our roses. zelda was very upset about that. she calmed down once he moved on to the trees in the neighbor’s yard. apparently she has quite the sense of ownership over our yard and isn’t interested in sharing with the moose even if mama and daddy are ok with it.IMGP7599.jpg
and one final picture of zelda on her first day of big girl dance.

one giant happy family

October 10, 2014 by meg | 1 Comment

IMGP7066.jpgafter the princess party, we opened our awesome rental home (it has a tree growing through it!) to everyone and anyone. it was quite the facebook experiment. we put out an invite on facebook and waited to see who would show in person. to say it was amazing is an understatement. we saw folks we hadn’t seen in years, including a friend who drove over from chicago to see me for the first time in probably 13 or so years.IMGP7254.jpg what was most satisfying about the whole get together (of about 60 friends and family) is that everyone is doing well. it’s hard to tell via facebook if people are really well or just posting only the good stuff, but in person everyone was giving off a great vibe that they seemed happy and well.IMGP7228.jpgIMGP7224.jpg que was again manning the camera doing a great job. we didn’t get a shot of the crowd, but it was crazy. what he captured instead are great moments. all of our friends and cousin’s kids playing together. nia and the princesses having a ball. bradie mugging for the camera. these are super special.IMGP7009.jpgIMGP7007.jpgthis get together really reinforces to us that our family and friends are really one big happy family that we cherish. we love you all and we loved seeing everyone. hopefully another handful of years won’t have to pass before we can do it again.IMGP7034.jpg

princess overload

October 9, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP6611.jpgIMGP6732.jpgIMGP6731.jpghere is a random smattering of the princess birthday party we had in iowa for zelda and her cousin holland’s birthdays late last month. there are a ton of pictures that we’ll get posted up to flickr in the coming days, but here are some highlights.
IMGP6579.jpga big shout out to que who took most of these. he really captured the morning well. i’ll also be posting either later this week or early next about the afternoon get together, which was really awesome, but i figured the princesses deserved their own post first.IMGP6750.jpgIMGP6673.jpgIMGP6643.jpgIMGP6722.jpgIMGP6920.jpgIMGP6649.jpgIMGP6719.jpgIMGP6904.jpgIMGP6686.jpgIMGP6666.jpg

On three years

September 16, 2014 by zzaletel | 3 Comments

I don’t always record my thoughts here as frequently as I should. With Zelda’s third birthday today, it is an opportune time to reflect. I know that we all grow up, but seeing her grow so big, so quickly over the past three years has been and continues to be an amazingly fun ride. We’ve lots of fun together, dancing around wearing tutus, swimming, playing hide and seek, feeding the chickens, walking the dogs, going to ballet, falling asleep on the way to ice skating, sneaking out for ice cream, running our errands, working on puzzles, reading books, painting, playing catch or kicking the soccer ball, picking berries, just to name a few things we’ve done over the past six months.  I’m excited for all that we’ve yet to do in the coming six months and more.

As I sit here and reflect, it’s probably not the greatest reason to smile uncontrollably, but I am.  While in Arizona in May, EBGMA asked Zelda if I was taking a nap. Without missing a beat, Zelda replied, ‘no, my daddy never sleeps’. Now, this isn’t entirely true – I do get a good nights sleep almost every evening – but it warmed the cockles of my heart that she knew I was always there for her in the night. That or she’s knows a sucker daddy who loves her when she sees one.


This morning, I have the opportunity to go to Zelda’s school and celebrate her birthday with her and her classmates.  I can’t wait!Zelda is 3.jpg

Love you Zelda – Dad/Papa/Zach/Padre/Daddy