hair by papa

March 30, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

Untitledi am one lucky mama. not only was i able to go and enjoy some adult time with great people, see a concert, enjoy some sunshine and do some grocery store tourism for four days in dallas, but i came home to a washed and styled little lady. daddy tackled zelda’s hair for the first time for from start to finish and i must say i am quite impressed. daddy parted, sectioned and detangled zelda’s hair and then put in some box twists and got them all up into a nice little pouf in the back. Untitled i’m thinking we might just have to let him take a more regular role in doing hair since zelda had no complaints when i asked her how it went.

free hair friday

March 23, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

IMG_1195i was very happy with this last style we put in. it held up well, could be changed up by braiding or twisting the twists and we didn’t loose a bead the whole time, even with swimming, biking, the beach and lots of play. we will definitely revisit this hair style.
it’s be a while, but this past friday we freed zelda’s hair and she was happy to shake it about.

so long old blue

March 23, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

it was almost 10 years ago that zach and i drove to eastern iowa to purchase our blue volvo wagon that would bring us north to alaska. even after being wrecked and rebuilt with a red hood, the car served us very well, always there ready and waiting for whatever we needed. just shy of 300,000 miles, yesterday we handed the old wagon off to a new owner.
Back from the deadAction 240Untitled
zelda helped give the car one last cleaning before sending her off into the sunset. hopefully we’ll see ya around old blue.

it’s that time again

March 18, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

IMG_1348.jpgIMG_1316.JPGthis family loves to bicycle. we found some bikes in san diego and enjoyed our warm ride along the beach trails. zelda and i shared a tandem bike. it worked pretty well even though she could only reach the pedals some of the time. we got to see some dolphins during our ride, but zelda was more interested in climbing the rocks.IMG_1346.JPGzelda was the lucky one and got in the first ride of the alaska season. zach and i are very excited about our new bike. we’ll be sharing this road bike since its rare that we get to bike together just the two of us. i can see lots of miles ahead of us this spring and summer.IMG_1334.jpg

100 and one kisses

March 17, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP9621.jpgthis morning as i’m giving zelda a hug and kiss before her and daddy leave for school zelda says, mama give me 100 kisses and then one more. this super sweet kid made her mama’s day.