nearly finished

April 9, 2015 by meg | 3 Comments

IMGP9949.jpgIMGP9952.jpgit’s weird to think that we are nearly finished with the updates to our home. we’ve been at it now for 6 years and during that time our home has undergone a pretty significant transformation, actually several transformations, but i think we’ve settled into a good spot. it’s a nice feeling, not having any large projects on the immediate horizon. sure there are still updates to be done, like new windows and doors and possibly a fireplace, but those are more long term projects and ones that we hopefully won’t do ourselves.IMGP9959.jpgIMGP9961.jpgthe last big project we undertook was the backroom of our home. it’s a weird space, but i think we finally figured it out. we made it a family room, a place for crafts, sewing, music, dancing, games, etc. i was resistant to the family room concept, but it just makes sense. we put down carpet tiles that can be picked back up and washed, we installed our old dining room table that  i had updated and moved in a bench seat that provides us some more storage and plenty of seating for music making. IMGP9920.jpgIMGP9922.jpgIMGP9965.jpgIMGP9925.jpg our house is certainly colorful and full of do it yourself projects. i feel like it is ours 100% when i walk through the door. i think zelda and zach feel the same way about it. there are little pieces of us imprinted on this house, which is what definitely makes it our home.IMGP9945.jpgIMGP9968.jpg

pictures by ?

April 6, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

Evening walkabout i would normally introduce pictures from zach’s camera as pictures by papa or something like that, but now i just don’t know. in the past couple of weeks zelda has taken to calling us mother (“mudder”) and father (“faudder”) pretty consistently. i even got happy birthday sung to me as mama and then a follow up rendition as mother. i’m not sure we’re ready to embrace these new titles when we were so attached to mama and papa. Evening walkaboutEvening walkaboutEvening walkaboutEvening walkaboutwhatever you want to call him, i’m glad he takes his camera when we go on evening walks and gets these great shots.Evening walkaboutEvening walkabout


March 31, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

hello sunshine, hello texas.this past week’s solo trip to dallas was really good. it was very nice to see our birth mom, zelda’s brother and gigi, that’s birth grandma and my sister in law bradie. usually when i visit with these folks there’s always the welcomed distraction of little z hanging around vying for attention. it was nice to concentrate my efforts on this part of my family without distraction.
courtyard livingi’ll admit i was a bit nervous about going to dallas without zelda. she is the reason we have a dallas connection after all, but my nerves were for naught. i learned some great family tidbits, heard from zelda’s brother que about what he likes, his interests and that he wants to go to yale! he’s an amazing kid and quite the gentleman. same goes for the rest of them. i enjoyed adult conversations and talking about my family and our hopes and dreams for zelda. oh and a little baby shopping for little sister to be. can’t help but spoil a baby girl even if she hasn’t been born yet. it was just fantastic time.

i was remiss and didn’t take a single picture of the family. i wish i would have, but the conversation was good. the memories are there. i think this needs to be a regular thing, birth mom, sister in law and of course my own sister next time. we are the women of this tribe that need to be connected for the future. it’s important we spend time together and build our bonds. i think i can safely say we want our children to all know each other well and feel they are connected as they grow up. in the meantime we must nurture their bond, especially since they live plane rides apart. until next time ladies…

hair by papa

March 30, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

Untitledi am one lucky mama. not only was i able to go and enjoy some adult time with great people, see a concert, enjoy some sunshine and do some grocery store tourism for four days in dallas, but i came home to a washed and styled little lady. daddy tackled zelda’s hair for the first time from start to finish and i must say i am quite impressed. daddy parted, sectioned and detangled zelda’s hair and then put in some box twists and got them all up into a nice little pouf in the back. Untitled i’m thinking we might just have to let him take a more regular role in doing hair since zelda had no complaints when i asked her how it went.

free hair friday

March 23, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

IMG_1195i was very happy with this last style we put in. it held up well, could be changed up by braiding or twisting the twists and we didn’t loose a bead the whole time, even with swimming, biking, the beach and lots of play. we will definitely revisit this hair style.
it’s be a while, but this past friday we freed zelda’s hair and she was happy to shake it about.